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Welcome to Ballistix CrossFit Somerset West!

Whether you are wanting to lose weight, get rid of that extra belly fat, look and feel stronger or just find an exercise program that is fun, varied and enjoyable, then you've found the right place.

If you've done CrossFit elsewhere, looking for something new, taken a "break" from training or maybe haven't trained in your life before, then you are welcome at Ballistix CrossFit Somerset West.

You can start fast or you can start slow, let us know and our coaches will give you just the right amount of training to get you closer your own, personal goals.

Training at Ballistix CrossFit Somerset West is a very personal thing and we want everyone to feel part of our community. We want you to be assured that no matter where you are on your fitness journey, you are not too unfit, too old or too unskilled to get started.

You can look at our reviews, read through our website or stalk us on social media, but you won't know what we're really about until you actually try us out. That is why we offer a free trial week for anyone trying us out for the first time. No obligation to join, no expectation to perform. We just want to meet you and show you that this could be what you're looking for.

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Our 3 layer approach to getting results is based on:
Hesphia Trent

I have lost about 10kg and I have managed to go from 34% body fat to 18%

Hesphia Trent


Ryan Fanton received his Honors in Biokinetics at the University of Stellenbosch before starting his coaching career in high performance. He has been working in the Biokinetics field before adding CrossFit Coach to his skill set.

Whether working with individuals in a rehabilitation setting or improving the strength & fitness within a CrossFit group setting, seeing people become better is what motivates and drives him.

Genevieve Adams is a CrossFit Level 2 coach, that has been coaching Crossfit since 2016. In addition to this she has over 10 years experience in coaching Gymnastics. She also owns and operates Royals Gymnastics Club in Somerset West. She is passionate about improving people in all areas but specifically specializes in gymnastics and loves Weightlifting movements. It’s great to have a strong female coach and is definitely a Rose among the thorns at Ballistix CrossFit Somerset West.

Dennit Adams started CrossFit in 2013 as a fun alternative to the normal regular gym environment and has never looked back. He has a running and endurance background and brings a technical aspect to all the movements. Dennit now holds his CrossFit-Level 2 Trainers Certificate and is dedicated to continuing his knowledge and the complexities of this field. He likes to think of your goals as his goals and would love to hear what he can do to help you along the journey towards them.

Chloe Garner began her CrossFit journey with Ballistix CrossFit in 2011. From there she was the Head Coach for 5 years at CrossFit Johnson City, in Tennessee, U.S.A. After coaching there, she co-founded her own functional training gym - Foundation Academy: Strength & Conditioning. Also located in Tennessee, U.S.A.

In 2017 Chloe achieved her long time goal of becoming a sponsored CrossFit athlete and regional qualifier for the Central Regionals, which took place in Nashville Tennessee. Chloe's main sport however is Golf. She earned a full scholarship to an American University, which later led to her playing as a professional for 4 years on the World Long Drive Tour. Where she was a multiple Tour stop, a former World Record Holder and in 2019 captured the coveted title of World Champion.

"I believe the holistic benefits of high-intensity training, for the body and mind, can not be overstated. My philosophy is to help people maintain their physical independence for as long as possible."


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  • Do I lack a structured training regime
  • Or am I bored of doing the same training routine
  • Do I really know what I am doing
  • Do I lack the motivation to do what is needed
  • Does my training no longer challenge me
  • Does the idea of strength training intimidate or scare me
  • Does the thought of going to gym leave me feeling de-motivated
  • Does my training need some variety and fun

Look, we get it. Going to a commercial gym facility can be very daunting and downright intimidating, especially if you don’t know what you should to be doing. Even if you have a routine, it may no longer challenge you. You may even be avoiding the things you are not good at and in doing so creating weaknesses and potential injuries. And so you're not really getting the results you were expecting.

Without the necessary guidance, chances are you are squandering a lot of your valuable time doing things you shouldn't or doing them incorrectly. Even if you hire a personal trainer, which costs you a small fortune, they are more concerned about keeping you as a paying client to fund their next fitness competition, then they are about teaching and coaching you to become self-reliant.

Seriously, we get it. This is why we focus on offering quality program design aimed at getting results, coaching that guides you to get the most from each session and a training environment that breeds success and more importantly is loads of fun. More than you'll EVER see in a commercial gym!

Long story short: We get people results in a fun, challenging environment.


Be personally welcomed and feel part of a family
Friendly, professional coaching from warm up to cool down
Functional resistance training for muscle toning/definition
High intensity interval training and metabolic conditioning for faster fat loss
Shown exactly what to do, when to do it and why to do it
Given individual attention to specific needs and injuries
Document, record and track progress
Relaxed, but motivating environment – no drill sergeants

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Fitness is not something you just do. It is something that needs to be well thought out, centered around the individual and creates a willingness in each participant to want to become better. So if you're just keeping active for the sake of it, you're wasting a huge chunk of your day that could be way more productive and engaging.


But we do things differently

With us, it's not just about working out hard and making you really tired. Anyone can do that. Anyone can take various movements and exercises, throw them together and make your muscles burn and lungs scream for oxygen.

Nor are we about just writing a workout on the whiteboard, explain what you need to do and wait till the timer is finished.

We believe fitness is about correct planning, programming and coaching with a focus on the individual. This ensures that each person progresses at their own pace. We also believe fitness is a journey that needs to be engaging, enjoyable and rewarding.

Fitness is not just about what you do, but the experience that you have, which is why a fun, friendly, yet challenging environment is key to maximizing the results we get for our members.

Do not mistake a gym membership as a solution to your problem. It's like saying your car will get you to your destination, but you don't have fuel, a guidance system or even know how to drive it. It's just a tool that can be helpful if actually used and if used correctly.

Getting in shape could be a whole lot more enjoyable


Each training session combines the positive effects of real-world functional strength training, metabolic / cardio conditioning and guided coaching. It is done through various levels of movements and exercises that are individually adjusted to meet your current fitness, individual needs and injuries.

You'll enjoy the training atmosphere so much so, it'll keep you coming back for more. An environment that challenges you to be better, to improve and change yourself not because you have to, but because you want to.

You'll have someone to plan what it is that you need to do, show you how to do it and adjust it along the way as you improve.

All you need to do is show up... but even if that is a challenge to start with, we'll give you a call to check in to see where you are at and nudge you along.

- Options from 2 - 5 training days a week
- Multiple training times – 5am, 6am, 7am, 8:15am, 16:30pm, 17:30pm & 18:30pm, weekdays
- Commitment periods of 3, 6 or 12 months
- Public holiday workouts
- Debit order or upfront EFT/Cash payments
- Step by step fitness coaching
- From absolute couch potato beginner to fitness enthusiast
- Lots of safe, secure parking
- Shower & change room facilities
- Conveniently located on the N2

Wesley Vos

If it’s total transformation or optimal fitness you’re looking for, you would be at the right place. The professional and personal attention given by Neil Scholtz and his team will get you to your goal, no doubt.

Wesley Vos


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