6 Steps To A Successful New Years Fitness Resolution

1. Determine your why

Is It Emotional?

One of the greatest reasons why people never stick to their New Year’s resolutions, is because it was driven by shallow desire. Most of these shallow desires sound similar to these:

  • I’ve put on some weight lately and need to drop a few kilos
  • I am not happy with the way I look and feel and need to make a change
  • I’m so unfit, I need to do something about it

While all of these are admirable and are in not way not important, they just lack substance. Emotional substance that is.

Are you being pushed or pulled?

In life we are driven by two forces. Moving away from things that cause us pain and moving towards things that bring us happiness. If you re-read the above desires, they are mostly driven by pain (or put another way, moving away from things that cause us unhappiness).

When deciding on your why, it needs to be “moving towards” focused and should be such that it brings a high, positive emotional charge to it.

Why is that important?

Here’s an exercise to help dig that out more.

Why is getting in shape important to you? – so that I can look better

Why is looking better important to you? – so that I can feel better about myself

Why is feeling better about yourself important to you? – it allows me to get more stuff done

You see where this is going? Once you have answered the question, ask why is that important to you. The deeper you go, the more difficult it will be to answer these, but believe you me, if really take the time to answer them, you will come up with a bullet proof “why” that will put you in a position to only succeed.

How Different Is Yours?

Here is the rest of what that process may have looked like:

It allows me to get more stuff done -> to make me more productive -> to allow me to be more successful in my work -> to be a better provider for my family -> to be a role model to my spouse and kids -> because that is how I can positively impact those around me

This will be different for everyone. But one thing I can assure you, is that without your positive, emotionally charged why, the chances of you lasting in your new fitness endevours will be for nothing.

2. Prioritize your why

Do you see how being a role model to your family or being able to positively affect others is a much greater motivator, than just wanting to lose a couple of kilos?

Measuring Importance

This will also allow you to better prioritize how your new fitness resolution fits into the rest of your life. Yes work is important. Yes family is important. Yes all those other things in your life is important. But once you understand that your health and fitness goals are not just something to add to your list of things to do, but rather an integral part, then it becomes easier to integrate it.

Being fit and healthy is not something to do, but rather something to be. You need to see that in order to be a better spouse, parent, collegue, business owner, etc., being fit and healthy is part of that.

Once you make that shift from fitness being an activity, to being part of who you are, the rest of it falls nicely into place.

3. Take a lifestyle stock-take

While it is very noble have done all this so far, the reality is that we only have a certain number of hours in our day. Quite a few of those are non-negotiables, things like travelling to and from work, work itself and spending quality time with friends and family.

However, there are sometimes habits that we have created for ourselves, that don’t add much value to our lives and that (given our new priorities), can be adjusted. Some of these things may include time spent on social media, watching TV or participating in health-reducing activities (think excessive drinking / partying / socializing).

While the goal is not to eliminate these completely. We do these things because they bring us joy and happiness (if not, then definitely drop these). But for the most part, the are very short term injections of perceived happiness. What we can do is reduce these activities to allow for our new found importance of health and fitness in our lives.

4. Find community / accountability

Once you’ve found your why, prioritized it in your life and realistically found ways to shift more of these health and fitness activities into your day to day lifestyle, we are then ready for the next step in creating a successful path to a New Years resolution.

You Become Who You Spend Your Time With

Find other people to do this with. Much of the direction we take in life, can be attributed to the people we spend most of our time with. We tend to share many of their values and shadow much of their actions.

It is ok if your close friends and family have not prioritized their health and fitness goals like you have. But it is important to find a community of like minded people that do.

It’s Not Just About You

We are wired to be part of something bigger than ourselves. It gives us purpose and it give us motivation to keep going, even when things get tough. Support from others is important. It could be directly, in the form of someone edging and motivation you. It could be indirectly, being surrounded by others that are going through what you are, but keep going non-the-less. That can be motivating too. We move past doing it just for ourselves, but start doing it for others. To be motivators for others. And a by product of that, is that we stick to it and put more into it.

So, find yourself a community of supportive, friendly, helpful people that want to see you succeed. You will see I did not say find a gym or a place to train. Some gyms or places might have a community, which is great, but the most important is the community, that is if you want to make it fun, enjoyable and part of something you want to continue doing for months and years to come.

5. Make a commitment

Once you’ve found that community of people that want to see you succeed, then the next step is to make a commitment. There are different ways to make a commitment, but by stacking them together, they become much more powerful.


Set aside the time to do what you say you are going to do. Yes, things change, but make sure to build that into your commitment. I commit to training at this particular place 3 times a week. However, if things come up and I have to miss it, then I will do x, y or Z instead for that day.


There’s a saying that where we spend our money, is where our priorities are. There doesn’t have to be a monetary commitment, but if you are spending money on things that are not supporting your health and fitness goals (think unhealthy foods, excessive drinking, subscriptions to mazagines or online services), then it’s time to make some changes.


This is a personal commitment to yourself, but another individual that will hold you accountable and remind you of your priorities and your “why”, when things get tough.


There is nothing like a public commitment that gets us on the right track. The more people that know about your commitment, the less likely you are going to change your mind later on. You spread the level of accountability and make going back on your word, that much more difficult.

6. Get started

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About The Author

Neil Scholtz

Neil Scholtz is a certified Personal Trainer turned CrossFit coach. He has competed at the CrossFit Games and coached athletes that have competed at the CrossFit Games, but that's not his main focus. Most of his time is spent consulting or coaching individuals to improve their lives through fitness. He has worked with over 1000 individuals from various walks of life. Tailoring solutions to their lifestyle needs.