Ballistix CrossFit Somerset West


The 1st of February marks the anniversary of Ballistix CrossFit. One of South Africa (and even Africa’s) longest standing CrossFit affiliates. Established in February 2009, it became the 3rd CrossFit affiliate in South Africa, the 2nd in the Western Cape and the 1st in Somerset West. This was at a time before CrossFit was well-known or hugely publicized by the partnership with Reebok or airing of the CrossFit Games on ESPN or Youtube. Here are some highlights and milestones:


“I started Ballistix CrossFit because I believed in what CrossFit was preaching & practicing. After reading the “What is fitness” article written by Greg Glassman, I immediately connected with that, as this was something I was trying to do all along. CrossFit had just packaged it in the perfect way.

After having worked for 6 years as a personal trainer at one of the largest commercial gyms in the country, I realized how many people were just not getting results. The commercial gym setup did not provide the right environment for this.

I started doing CrossFit training with my clients, saw the results and knew this is what I needed to do. It excited me, it excited my clients and they were getting results! I knew I had to open an affiliate.”

 – Neil Scholtz, owner & founder of Ballistix CrossFit Somerset West


We saw the first CrossFit Level 1 course in South Africa, along with the first Africa Regionals, where Neil Scholtz finished on the podium in 3rd place. CrossFit was starting to grow, but still at a very slow rate.

Earlier in that year, Ballistix CrossFit started in a wrestling hall in Pretoria. Between 2 coaches, Neil Scholtz & Mark Lubbe (now owner of CrossFit Red X), we offered morning classes from 5am – 10am, weekdays. Our equipment was initially stored in a 4 square meter storeroom. Later, after acquiring more equipment, we bought a shipping container that housed EVERYTHING! Bars, bumpers, kettlebells, boxes, hifi system, dumbells, everything.


Neil Scholtz was crowned the Fittest in Africa and he competed at the 2010 CrossFit Games. To date, only 4 males have represented Africa at the CrossFit Games.

October 2010 marked the beginning of a new journey, as Ballistix CrossFit relocated from Pretoria down to Somerset West. Our Pretoria facility had new owners and became CrossFit PBM. Our first Somerset West facility was in Toni’s Centre, behind the Hole in the Wall. 160 sqm was enough to start with. Offering only 1 class a day at 7am. It was a slow start as CrossFit was still very unknown and had not taken center stage of the fitness industry. Non-the-less, we carried on offering the best service and programming that was available to us.

Our 1st ever member still trains with us today, along with a handful of others that started during our humble beginnings, believing in us and what we had to offer.


Only towards the end of 2011 did things start to explode for CrossFit globally and saw a marked growth in South Africa.

Mona Pretorius, now c0-owner of CrossFit ECX, started training at Ballistix CrossFit and later that year went on to win the Africa Regionals. Now one of six female athletes from the Africa Region that have competed at the CrossFit Games.

This was the year that the Reebok sponsorship of the CrossFit Games began and the first airing of the competition on ESPN. At this time there were about 30 affiliates country-wide and about 7 in the Western Cape.

Our coaching staff also grew with the addition of Ryan Trent. Currently still an invaluable coach which makes up our team at Ballistix CrossFit Somerset West.


Our little 160 sqm training facility was getting cramped and we were running out of space. October 2012 we moved to our current facility. It boasts a 385 sqm floor space with enough room to comfortably hold up to 21 people, each with their own barbell and piece of equipment to complete the required workout for that day.

This year we sent multiple individual athletes to the Africa Regionals and had a huge support crew cheering on.

Our coaching staff grew once again with the inclusion of Natalie Mohr. A great coach and talented athlete, no matter what sport she partakes in.


This year was just a continuation of the success and growth we had experienced in the year’s prior.

We sent 2 teams to the Africa CrossFit Regionals. Affiliate owner and coach, Neil Scholtz, had a good year finishing 2nd in the individual competition.

Ballistix CrossFit lead the way in the community by introducing the Airdyne to the mix. Although not adored by many, it is an invaluable tool for improved metabolic conditioning, if used correctly.

Ballistix CrossFit also become one of a handful of affiliates to be Reebok Recognized. It is great to be associated with a brand that had pioneered the way forward for CrossFit specific shoes and apparel.


Another team was sent to the Africa Regionals, along with individual athlete and coach, Natalie Mohr.

Although Neil Scholtz was unable to compete, due to illness during the CrossFit Open, he was there as coach to the Ballistix CrossFit team and individual athletes. He also served as an assistant coach and adviser to the winner of the Men’s Individual competition, Quinten Z van Rooyen.

Later that year we bode farewell to Natalie Mohr and were blessed to find another great personality to form part of our coaching team, Cindy Thiart.



We take pride in what we do inside the 4 walls of our affiliate. And we are just as proud of our past members and coaches that have gone out, taken the foundations that we have laid for them and built their own successes.

These include Mark Lubbe (owner & coach – CrossFit Red X), Wilna Appel (co-owner & coach – CrossFit PBM), Mona Pretorius (co-owner & coach – CrossFit ECX), Russell Burgess (owner & coach – CrossFit Stellenbosch), Max Meyer (co-owner & coach – CrossFit Plus 264), Warren van der Mescht (head coach – CrossFit Helderberg), Tanya Nunn (coach – CrossFit Helderberg) & Paul Fourie (coach & personal trainer – CrossFit CFM).

We only hope that the number of people we can reach grows year on year and is not only limited to the people we see on a daily basis.


What is to come in 2015? We can only guarantee that things will be even better than is has been in the last 6 years.We have been through a lot, tried new things and are constantly striving to make our member’s experiences’ at Ballistix CrossFit more enjoyable, memorable and filled with goals attained.

These are just a few highlights of what’s happened in the last 6 years. The real important things that have happened are the improvements that we’ve seen in our members. Confidence has grown, weight has been lost, PB’s have been broken and goals have been reached. This is the reason why we still continue to do what we do, only better.

We have been around the block for a while and will be around for much longer. Our success is our members success. We have not done any of this on our own and can only thank our awesome members and fantastic coaching team. If you are already part of this family, we thank you! If you are not yet, now you know a little more about who we are and the journey we’ve walked thus far.