There are no sustainable quick fix solutions to our health and fitness challenges.

The body and it's systems are not individual parts that make up the whole. They are integrated, they are complementary and they all work together.

When talking on balance, there are many ideas or interpretations of what that may mean. Our thoughts on balance encompass the areas lifestyle, structure & metabolism.

Lifestyle – creating a balance between life, work, training, eating habits & other aspects

Structural – creating a balance of strength, mobility & stability in the following areas: upper body to lower body, pushing to pulling, squatting to bending and core to extremity.

Metabolic – creating a balance in the various metabolic pathways and energy systems at play. Think good at short powerful sprints as well as long enduring runs.

In doing so, whether it be for fat loss, improving muscle tone/definition or becoming healthier, we are able to create a system and approach that is sustainable and far more holistic. The results are far more beneficial and creates change that lasts.


No 2 people are alike. Every body, every lifestyle and every mindset is different.

So what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. There are guidelines and systems that have proven to bring about results, but the implementation thereof needs to be specific to the individual.

We believe that each member needs to be treated as an individual. Each has their own weaknesses, goals, lifestyles, physical limitations and fitness levels. And it is for this reason why we are focused on addressing the individual needs as we implement our training.


We believe that if you are going to be spending an hour of your day training, then it better be fun, engaging and wanting you to become better.

Life is short. We want our members to be engaged, challenged and interested in what they do. We want our members to develop positive habits, attitudes and beliefs about fitness and this is possible when people enjoy it.