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3 Must-Listen Podcasts!

Updated: Jun 11

Hello pursuers of health!

Here are some podcasts to tuck into on your next long drive, day of gardening or walk around the neighbourhood.


  1. "Protocols to Strengthen & Pain Proof Your Back" - Huberman Lab

In this episode, viewers will learn how to strengthen and build a stable, pain-free back, as well as how to reduce or eliminate existing back pain. The host explains the anatomy and physiology of the spinal cord and vertebrae, intervertebral disks and nerve pathways, and the abdominal and back muscles that can be leveraged to stabilize the back.

Back pain greatly impedes one’s ability to enjoy daily activities. This episode provides a zero-cost, minimal time-investment protocols designed to improve back strength and stability, enabling viewers to move through a more pain-free life, with ease and mobility.

2. "Busting Muscle Myths & Hacking Strength" - Align Podcast (Dr. Andy Galpin)

This podcast episode goes deep into exercise physiology, the cutting-edge science around muscle growth, how to improve strength, body composition, breathing patterns, and sleep. Featuring Dr. Andy Galpin - who has a master’s degree in Human Movement Sciences and a PhD in Human Bioenergetics - this conversation is a one-stop shop in all things health and fitness. Get your pen and paper ready!

3. "Creatine: Beyond Strength & Power" - We Do Science - The Sports Nutrition Podcast

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Summary of dietary sources and mechanisms of action of Creatine Monohydrate, and its potential impact on adaptions to resistance training, strength, power and muscle hypertrophy.

  • Emerging research for novel applications of Creatine on health, cognitive functions, immunity, glycogen storage,  and in particular endurance training and performance.

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