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"Better You" - Magnesium Spray

Updated: Jun 11

Magnesium is one of the most beneficial minerals for muscle recovery, as massive amounts are lost through sweat and accelerated metabolism of strenuous exercise. How we recover plays a big role in our fitness goals. When we do not recover well, we aren't able to step into the gym with good energy levels - in turn dictating how effectively we're able to execute our workouts. The magnesium products listed below are great options to consider to aid both rest and recovery.

Magnesium Muscle

Natural Recovery Aids
  • Stimulates blood flow to support muscle recovery

  • Effective magnesium absorption

  • Natural muscle relaxant

  • Contributes to electrolyte balance

  • Naturally fragranced from lemon oil

  • Certified vegan and palm oil derivative free

  • Sustainable packaging made from plant-based plastic

Magnesium Sleep

Muscle Recovery

With the high-paced lifestyles we live, achieving quality sleep can be a challenge. Magnesium spray offers a calming solution, helping to unwind and relax before bedtime. By incorporating this natural remedy into your nightly routine, you can experience deeper and more restful sleep. This product combines Zechstein magnesium with lavender and chamomile..

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