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L-Glutamine for Symptoms of Stress

Updated: Jun 11

For those of you who struggle with stomach-related issues during high stress.

Where do you get it? Most pharmacy's or health shops

Price? R100-300

When to take it? Safe to take daily

Usage? 5-10 grams per day

I want to dive into something crucial: managing stress and maintaining a healthy gut. We all know that when stress hits, it can often be felt in the gut. This discomfort can be a huge mental distraction - making everyday tasks feel like a workout in themselves.

I'm very excited to share an amazing natural supplement to help you combat stress felt in the gut: L-Glutamine. This powerhouse amino acid is a fantastic natural supplement that can help restore balance to your gut during those high-stress periods. While the body typically produces enough L-Glutamine on it's own, stress can deplete our reserves, leaving us needing a little extra boost.

So, what makes L-Glutamine so special? Well, it has the amazing ability to suppress pro-inflammatory signaling pathways, providing much-needed pain relief. Plus, stress accelerates the death of cells in our gut lining, and our bodies struggle to keep up with the repair process. L-Glutamine steps in here, promoting faster regeneration of the gut lining and helping to restore it to peak condition.

Next time you’re feeling stressed, remember L-Glutamine. It's the friend you didn't know you needed.

Stay strong, stay healthy.

Dietary Sources: L-glutamine can be found in high-protein foods such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, and certain vegetables like beans, spinach, and cabbage.

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