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Prime Your Run: The Essential Pre-Run 5-minute Warm-Up Routine

Updated: Jun 10

Many of us enjoy a good run outside of the gym - but often neglect a thorough warm-up, thinking that we can tie up our shoe laces and be ready to hit the road! The truth is, asking your body to run without any prior activation of the major role-playing muscle groups is a quick way incur injuries (small, and big!). The good news? Prepping your body takes five minutes, saving you from future troubles and helping to accelerate your fitness goals.

Here is a pre-run warm-up that's perfect to include before taking your body out on the road, or into the trails. (see video below)

  1. Calf raises - 20 reps

  2. Leg swings - 20 per side

  3. Heel walks - 20 alternating steps

  4. Knee drives - 10 per side

  5. Kneeling kickbacks - 10 per side

  6. Crossbody superman - 10 per side

  7. Glute bridges - 20 reps

  8. Standing side flexions - 20 alternating reps

  9. Back and throughs - 20 reps

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