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Stiff Lower Back?

Updated: Jun 11

The experience of discomfort in the back after certain exercises or workouts is a common conversation heard in the gym.

Just like we may have super stiff glutes after doing a brutal day of lunges, we can have a stiff back (particularly our Erector Spinae and Quadratus Lumborum), after a day of training that required a lot of engagement from those muscles. Those muscles being stiff is telling us that we were able to target and strengthen them - that's good!

Despite the positive results we experience from training the back-body, experiencing stiffness is not fun to deal with.

You can, however, speed up the recovery with some movement and mobility practice! Not only will this help improve blood flow to your muscles, it will also aid in the removal of metabolic waste and delivery of essential nutrients to the body.

Side note: Yes, sometimes muscle spasms may occur in the back - this is a whole other topic of conversation. If ever you experience pain in the back during, or after a workout, consult with your coach or a trainer on the best course of action to keep you, and your body happy!

Join in on this back recovery protocol to help speed up your recovery and ease muscle soreness.


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