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Commitment of
3 Months
  • 2x per week - R995/m
  • 3x per week - R1265/m
  • 4-5x per week - R1485/m
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Commitment of
6 Months
  • 2x per week - R885/m
  • 3x per week - R1155/m
  • 4-5x per week - R1375/m
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Our class sessions are an hour long and begin at 5am, 6am, 7am, 8:15am, 16:30pm, 17:30pm & 18:30pm Mon - Fri.
No 18:30pm class on Friday.




You get training that is based on science and years of experience. A potent combination of functional strength training and metabolic conditioning. A variety of movements, time domains & rep schemes. From strength to endurance and everything in between. It is aimed at making you leaner, more toned and healthier, while getting you stronger, fitter and more physically prepared for whatever life may throw at you.


At every training session, you get the guidance and supervision from one or more professional coaches. Their role is to ensure your safety and to enhance the benefits you get from the training program. You'll know exactly what to do, how to do it and how hard you should be doing it. From warm up to cool down, you're covered. It's like having a personal trainer, but without the heavy price tag.


Train with other people that have the same goals as you do. Be inspired by others that have achieved what you want and be motivated by others that are on the same journey as you. You'll never be left behind, but become part of something bigger than just a place to train. It will become your second home with new friendships and a family feel that is lacking in most commercial gyms.



This seems to be a concern for people for different reasons. And it is completely understandable.

It is possible to get a gym membership for as low as R300 and possibly lower if you have some medical aid benefits. It is possible to train in the comfort of your home or go run or cycle outside for free.

The question is not about pricing, but rather about value. Your membership at Ballistix CrossFit is not to use the facilities, although that is included. You are paying for quality coaching and programming that actually works.

Just because you are physically active, doesn't mean you're getting results. Otherwise you wouldn't be browsing our site. Just because you are doing the movements, doesn't mean you are doing them correctly. This is not about discounting the efforts that you have made till now.

But if you are going to be spending your time and money, wouldn't you like to know that it is effective and is going to bring about the results you are looking for.

We're NOT just a place to train.

Each session has:

Pre-planned program of progression

The training is designed around the needs of our members and adjusted as they progress. It is also designed to accommodate various levels of strength, skill and fitness. So it is like a program designed just for you.

Professional Coaching

Each session you have the guidance of a coach. That means you are in the hands of someone that knows exactly what you should be doing. It is a hands-on, on the spot coach that can immediately give you the feedback and adjustments needed to ensure your progress in that session. It's like working with a personal trainer each session. Which you would otherwise pay R200-R300 per session.

Optimal training environment

Like we said, it is not just a place to train, but an environment that breeds success. What other gym do all the trainers and members know your name? Where do you feel like a family of people that are wanting and encouraging you to succeed and improve?

This is the environment that motivates you to come back for me, even when your body is telling you otherwise. It is a place that many of our members find a sanctuary from the day to day stresses of life. A place where they can come, have fun, work hard and not be constantly judged. This in itself is invaluable.

Side note: All you need to do is show up. The rest is taken care of. We even value your progress so much that we'll get in touch if you miss out on training too long. We really want you to become better.


There are two faces to CrossFit. CrossFit, the Sport of Fitness. And then CrossFit, the strength and conditioning program.

The side that most people are exposed to is via competitions, the internet and videos on YouTube of super fit, super strong athletes doing incredible feats of power, body control and work capacity.

This is like watching the Tour de France and saying that you can't take up cycling, because it is only super fit athletes that can do it. When in a matter of fact, what you see in the media represents only the top 1% of the participants. The cream of the crop. The pinnacle of human performance. This is the Sport of Fitness.

This is not our focus. We spend our time with the other 99% of the population that just want to get in shape, have some fun and improve their lifestyles. Our members are ordinary people that are looking to lose fat, increase muscle tone and definition and improve their fitness levels to make their lives more enjoyable. Whether that be taking a hike on weekends, participating in a run, cycle or triathlon competition, or even just being able play with their kids without worrying about getting injured or feeling out of breath.

This is the Strength & Conditioning aspect of CrossFit.

Is the training hard and difficult? Only as hard and difficult you make it for yourself. Kind of like saying, "Is cycling difficult?". Well, if you decide to push really hard and go as fast as you can, then yes, it will make you tired quickly, make your legs feel like jelly and let your lungs burning. In the end, it is only you that can determine how hard you make it.

As coaches, our focus is to ensure you are getting the most from your sessions. Not too much and not too little. Just the right dose of exercise to keep you improving session after session.


The 2 greatest risks of injury are as follows:

Doing something with incorrect / poor technique (think poor running mechanics, lifting furniture with your back and not your legs or not bracing your core when doing push ups)
- Doing something that is beyond your capabilities (running a 21km with no training, playing a competitive game of squash for the first time in 2 years or trying to wrestle with your kids with a low level of strength or flexibility)

These can happen anywhere and at anytime. The purpose of training is to get you stronger and fitter so that you can improve your life. Not injure you. Our coaching focuses on ensuring:
1. You are moving with good technique & form with every movement - which is why you work with a coach each and every session
2. You are working within your physical limits and abilities - with our various levels we can modify and adjust training to meet your needs.

We consider exercise/training as a form of medication. Just as with medication, if you take too much of it, it can have very negative side effects. If you have too little of it, it has no effect. So you need just the right dose. And each person's dose is different.

Our role as coaches are to ensure you get the right dose that you do not injury yourself, but ensure that you are getting the most from your training and progressing consistently over time.


As with the misconception that CrossFit is for super athletes, it follows that many think that by doing this type of training, you'll end up looking like those you see competing at the CrossFit Games.

These athletes are full time athletes that train multiple times a day, completing large volumes of work at very high intensities.

As above, this is not our focus. Our intention is to create fit, lean and strong individuals to be better at life, not the CrossFit Games.

We are interested in real world fitness and the demands of that type of training do not yield big bulky individuals. If that is your goal, you have a lot more work that needs to be done to get there. Along with additional supplementation, recovery protocols and much, much more.


This is a very valid concern if you believe that you have to do everything that everyone else is doing.

However, this is not the case. From our initial assessment and initial training session, we develop a picture and understanding of your fitness and strength levels. As coaches we use that understanding to adjust, modify and prescribe specific levels of training for you.

As you get fitter and stronger, that prescription is adjusted and you improve. These adjustments can come in the form of:
- Movement complexity - instead of doing pull ups, we can get you to do ring rows (which strengthens those muscles so that eventually you can do them)
- Volume - instead of doing 20 burpees in a workout, you may begin with only 5. Or instead of working for 15 minutes, you may end up working for only 10 minutes.
- Intensity - once you are moving well, we can add intensity by encouraging you to do more work in the same amount of time

Irrespective of your current levels of fitness, CrossFit is scalable directly to your abilities. No more, no less. Just the right amount. And that is the function of our coaches.

And CrossFit is the fastest way to get fit and into shape, irrespective of your starting point. We've seen this time and time again. If you want to get fitter so that you can CrossFit, then you need to start by doing more CrossFit.


The incentives that Discovery Vitality and Momentum Multiply have in place is great to get people more active and more aware of their health, fitness and activity levels. By training with us, you can also accumulate your Vitality points and Multiply Active Dayz for each training session you train with us.

Having said that, if you have a free or even heavily discounted gym membership doesn't guarantee an improvement in health, wellness & fitness.

There is always action required in order to get those improvements. If you are not training or are doing the wrong things or doing the right things incorrectly, then that free membership doesn't mean much.

You could opt to pay little to no money for something that has little to no value to you. Or you could pay a little more for something that adds 10 - 100 times more value.

In the end, you get for what you pay.



Yes, life can be busy. Running round after kids, going to work, spending time with friends and family.

We get that, all of these things are important. So is your health and your fitness, which is why you are reading this.

It may seem that we constantly need to add more and more to out lives, so much so that we end up with little or no time to do the things we need to or even want to do.

Don't start by adding training to your schedule. Start by subtracting from you life. Take note of how you spend your minutes and hours in a day. Then decide which of those things are not adding value to your life. That may be watching TV, reading the newspaper or spending time with people you don't like.

Simplify your life to spend your time on things that give you the most value and enjoyment. You'll be surprised how little we actually need.

And in doing so, you can free up a lot of time to get in shape and improve your health.

If you don't make the time now, when will you? And what will your health and physical appearance look like in a year, 3 years, 10 years if you don't make the time now?

We have 1 hour training sessions weekdays at 5am, 6am, 7am, 8:30am, 17:15pm & 18:15pm. Friday evening just one training session at 17:15pm.

That 1 hour you spend a day is packed with everything you need to do to get results. That means you know exactly what to do, how to do it and get it done the way it should be done. Instead of wasting your time wondering around the cardio or weights area of the gym not sure where to begin or how to do it.

Wesley Vos

If it’s total transformation or optimal fitness you’re looking for, you would be at the right place. The professional and personal attention given by Neil Scholtz and his team will get you to your goal, no doubt.

Wesley Vos

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Commitment of
3 Months
  • 2x per week - R995/m
  • 3x per week - R1265/m
  • 4-5x per week - R1485/m
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Commitment of
6 Months
  • 2x per week - R885/m
  • 3x per week - R1155/m
  • 4-5x per week - R1375/m
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