What are we about

Ballistix CrossFit Somerset West was the 3rd affiliate to open in South Africa (read about our journey since 2009), now located in Somerset West, at the Gants Plaza, Langegger Street (next to Smiling Oven and Prominent Paints).

We treat each of our members as individuals and have a vested interest in everyone’s success. Our goal and drive is to make them better at life, be it a husband / wife / father / mother / CEO / athlete / professional / (fill in blank).

We understand that everyone has their own reason for training and we also know that achieving your goal is made easier and more enjoyable when surrounded by a community that supports, encourages and motivates.

Why would you not want that?


In short, it is a program that gets results!

CrossFit aims to develop the broadest sense of fitness in everyone. This is achieved by doing movements that are most natural/functional to us (pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting and throwing).

Workouts are combined in a mix of body-weight exercises, weightlifting, kettlebells, jumping, running, skipping and rowing, so as to constantly change and challenge body AND mind.

Workouts are performed at high intensities, but intensities that are suited specifically to where you are at. So CrossFit is for EVERYONE!

You are always guided by high caliber coaches that lead you closer to your health and fitness goals. CrossFit is difficult, but gets results, which makes it extremely rewarding.

CrossFit is not like anything else you may have done, which makes it fun. CrossFit is a community that inspires, motivates and lifts you to levels you never thought possible.


Dennit Adams

Dennit started CrossFit in 2013 as a fun alternative to the normal regular gym environment and has never looked back. He has a running and endurance background and brings a technical aspect to all the movements. Dennit now holds his CrossFit-Level 2 Trainers Certificate and is dedicated to continuing his knowledge and the complexities of this field. He likes to think of your goals as his goals and would love to hear what he can do to help you along the journey towards them.

Ryan Fanton

Ryan has been coaching various sports at primary school and high school since 2011. His focus sport has been hockey in most resent years. Ryan has competed at hockey and cricket at provincial level, giving him many years of competitive experience. He loves the fact that CrossFit caters to anyone and everyone regardless of fitness level, age or exercise background and the supportive environment within every session.
“I am so blessed to be able to do what I love. To know that you played a part in someone achieving their fitness goals or returning from injury is the most gratifying part of my job.”

Genevieve Adams

Genevieve is a CrossFit Level 2 coach, that has been coaching Crossfit since 2016. In addition to this she has over 10 years experience in coaching Gymnastics. She also owns and operates Royals Gymnastics Club in Somerset West. She is passionate about improving people in all areas but specifically specializes in gymnastics and loves Weightlifting movements. It’s great to have a strong female coach and is definitely a Rose among the thorns at Ballistix CrossFit Somerset West.

Chloe Garner

Chloe began her CrossFit journey with Ballistix CrossFit in 2011. From there she was the Head Coach for 5 years at CrossFit Johnson City, in Tennessee, U.S.A. After coaching there, she co-founded her own functional training gym - Foundation Academy: Strength & Conditioning. Also located in Tennessee, U.S.A.

In 2017 Chloe achieved her long time goal of becoming a sponsored CrossFit athlete and regional qualifier for the Central Regionals, which took place in Nashville Tennessee. Chloe's main sport however is Golf. She earned a full scholarship to an American University, which later led to her playing as a professional for 4 years on the World Long Drive Tour. Where she was a multiple Tour stop, a former World Record Holder and in 2019 captured the coveted title of World Champion.

"I believe the holistic benefits of high-intensity training, for the body and mind, can not be overstated. My philosophy is to help people maintain their physical independence for as long as possible."


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