What’s Important to You?

“If you want to see what is important to someone, just have a look at how they spend their money.”

While this may be true, there are some other indicators that can help you figure yourself out and make necessary changes if need be.

Have a look at your news feed

I’m not too clued up on other social media sites, but Facebook I have some idea how it works. Facebook uses an algorithm that is based on your personal engagement with other people, posts, pages and other things. So if you tend to like certain types of Pages, more of them are likely to show up in your feed. Same goes with other people’s posts. If you engage more with specific people, more of those people will show up in your news feed.

Have a look at your photo library on your phone

What are you taking pictures of mostly? Your loved one, your kids, work related stuff, camping trips, animals, sunsets, etc? These things are clearly important enough for you to take your phone out your pocket and snap away.

When you have some spare time on your hands, how do you spend it

Time is limited for many so when you do have extra time, how you spend it reflects priorities and high value things for yourself.

How do you fill your personal space

Look at the photos that you have in and around your house (if you have any). What things do you put in your house? What does your work space look like? These are all clues to what you want to be reminded of and show up as things of value to you in your life.

How do you spend your energy

Do you spend your energy working on things or relationships? Work or family? Health or social? There is no right answer, only the one that shows you where your priorities are at.

How do you spend your money

A big one for many… Although money is just a tool to exchange either for things or experiences, what is it that you are accumulating in your life… and why?

What dominates your thoughts

When you’re mind starts to wonder, what do you think about? Is it about your next meal, next training session, what you’re going to say to your partner or kids when you see them again, how you can plan for the weekend or maybe for retirement?

What do you most often talk to others about

There’s a saying that people love to talk about themselves, because it’s what they know the most about. So the next time you catch yourself talking to someone, identify those things that you enjoy talking about most or most passionately about.

What inspires you

What gets you out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step? What parts of your day would you love to replay over and over again? What are you willing to work hard for, knowing that a specific outcome will present itself?

What goals stand out in your life and have stood the test of time

We love to pride ourselves in the things we have done, because they are important to us. They have become part of who we are and who we identify ourselves with. What are your accomplishments that you pride yourself in?

What do you love to learn or read about most

Progress and improvement is built into every human being, how we explore that is very different. How you decide to grow reveals a little about who you want to become.

Putting it all together

If I wanted to learn more about another person, without actually speaking to them, then these are the type of things I would look at, study and understand. Some of the questions, only you can answer for yourself.

By now you should have quite a large picture of what ‘seems’ to be important to you in life, based on how you are currently living and focusing your attention, time, energy and effort on.

Do you feel congruent with this image of yourself, or does it feel disconnected from what you really feel is important to you? If so, then it may be a good time to revisit how you do the above things. How you spend your money, invest your time, search on the internet, talk about, friends you associate with, etc.

As much as our environment molds and changes us, so we can mold and change our environment to become more of who we want to be. The place to start is to put pen to paper and proclaim to yourself, what is really important to you. And if that is really that important to you, how you would need to change your actions in order to support those things you say you so highly value.

I find one of the bigger obstacles, for myself, is to try and change some behaviors to align with my values, especially when it comes to doing well in my life’s work, with being able to spend quality time with my family. What changes do you see that you need to make & what’s the big thing holding you back?



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Neil Scholtz

Neil Scholtz is a certified Personal Trainer turned CrossFit coach. He has competed at the CrossFit Games and coached athletes that have competed at the CrossFit Games, but that's not his main focus. Most of his time is spent consulting or coaching individuals to improve their lives through fitness. He has worked with over 1000 individuals from various walks of life. Tailoring solutions to their lifestyle needs.

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